: MDE Globe TR120

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The MDE Globe TR120 is a basic machine to which multiple units can be connected.

The machine is equipped with a High Speed caterpillar and heavy drives with large sprocket wheels which drive the tracks. The High Speed caterpillar contains all components for the high driving speed. The lower rollers are filled with oil and oscillating mounted, so that there is a suspension undercarriage with sublime driving behavior and so the lower rollers are maintenance-free.

The air-suspended seat has armrests with two joysticks to control the entire machine. The joysticks have multiple choice buttons with which you can control one or more functions at the same time.

This option is possible for the MDE Globe:
- Camera.
Cabin which is provided with:
     - Heating;
     - Windows with tinted safety glass;
     - Windscreen, which can be opened up, provided with a windscreen wiper;
     - Luxurious airsuspended seat with seat heating with adjustable armrests;
     - Integrated door handles;
     - Doors with gas springs;
     - On the outside, the cabin is completely flat and has round corners to prevent tree damage.

MDE units that are possible on the TR120:
- MDE cane drill STB32TR;
- MDE tree digger;
- MDE lifting mast HM7