: MDE tree transport trailer BTW4x0M

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MDE transport trailer to transport trees. Because of it’s small construction, this trailer has the possibility to drive between the rows. Despite the small dimensions the transport trailer is made for heavy and long-lasting use.

- Length of the loading platform: 400 cm;
- Total length of the trailer: 580 cm;
- Height of the loading platform: 79 cm;
- Width: 140 cm.

The trailer is equipped with:
- Two heavy axles including grease nipples;
- A steel headboard;
- Four balloon wheels;
- A tear plate floor;
- Socket and brake connection for a additional trailer;
- A tow bar at the rear;
- Tow hooks;
- Twelve removable stanchions;
- A triangle / drawbar with a forged steel hitch;
- Two backwards mounted stanchions with a cross stanchion;
- Steps on both sides of the trailer.

- The underside is treated with a body coating;
- The topside is treated with a 2K lacquer coating.