As a user, you want your machines to keep moving as much as possible. And that you spend on the maintenance of your machines as little time as possible. MDE understands this like no other.

That is why MDE offers you service on location. With this service we visit you at any desired location and time in consultation. We have the MDE service cars at our disposal for this. With our fully equipped service cars, MDE is able to carry out almost all repairs on location.  Almost everything we have with us: welding equipment, compressor, hydraulic hose repair, test equipment, a puller of 50,000 kg. et cetara. Because the mechanics fully know the machines and have experience, maintenance can be carried out very quickly and well. This saves you time and therefore money!

When MDE provides maintenance for your machine, a certain warranty is automatically granted on the replaced parts. So you don't want to take any risks with unnecessary wear and unnecessary costs for the coming year? Then let the MDE technicians prepare your machine for the coming season!

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and advantages of the service on location? Contact us today at 0031-344641447 or