: MDE planting machine PM45-SSU (sticks spray unit)

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Watch the video of the MDE planting machine PM45-SSU (sticks spray unit)
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Planting with the MDE planting machine PM45-SSU (stick insert unit) works excellently on any soil type. The soil is turned over by means of the digging mechanism and then opened by the plant channel. The width of the plant channel is 45 cm. The length of the plant channel is adjustable.

When the tree is planted, the roots are covered with soil again and the planting groove is closed by means of two adjustable sliders. The sliders are adjustable both in depth and in length. Two adjustable wheels, which press the soil so that the planted tree stands firmly in the ground, are mounted behind it.

The digging mechanism has special seals to prevent the ingress of dirt. At the front, the oil reservoir for the digging mechanism is mounted. You can check the oil level by with a dipstick. The four spades are attached to the digging arms with bolts and nuts, making them easy to replace when worn. Behind the digging mechanism is plant channel to plant a tree.

The (bamboo) sticks can be placed directly during planting. The planting machine has a water tank and a fully automatic stick spraying unit, which makes it possible to make holes during planting. This means, there is no need to stop during planting.

In order to be able to easily transport the (bamboo) sticks, the planting machine has a stocker. This stocker is adjustable in height, so that any length of (bamboo) sticks can be taken. The stocker is hydraulically adjustable in height, so that it can lower to the ground and it is easier to put the (bamboo) sticks in the stocker.

To determine the planting distance, the MDE planting machine PM45 is prepared for GPS, so that the GPS system of the tractor can be used. If you want to plant without GPS, MDE also has a solution for this. In addition, the planting machine has a loading platform to take trees, this loading platform has a width of 2,75 meters. The loading platform has a tree rack.

The powertrain is secured by a drive shaft with an automatic torque limiter, to prevent the connection from being automatically disengaged, when the torque gets too high or the digging mechanism gets stuck on a hard object. By switching off the tractor PTO shaft and switch it on again, the connection is automatically restored.