: MDE planting machine PM50

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Planting with the MDE planting machine PM50 works great on any type of soil. The digging mechanism is used to dig the soil and then open it through the plant channel. The width of the plant channel is 50 cm. and can optionally be narrowed by means of a narrowing set.

When the tree is planted, the roots are again covered with soil and the planting slot is closed by means of two adjustable sliders. Two adjustable wheels are mounted behind it, which push the soil so that the planted tree is firmly in the ground.

The digging mechanism is equipped with special seals to prevent the ingress of dirt. The oil reservoir is mounted on the front for the excavator. You can check the oil level by means of a dipstick. The four spades are bolted to the sticks, making them easy to replace when worn. Behind the digging mechanism is the plant channel that opens the ground and then plants a tree.

To determine the planting distance, the MDE PM50 planting machine is equipped with an adjustable length marker. Furthermore, the planting machine has a loading platform to take trees, this loading platform has a width of 2 meters.

The drivetrain is secured by a drive shaft with an automatic torque limiter. This prevents the connection from automatically disconnecting when the torque becomes too high or the digging mechanism catches on a hard object. By switching the tractor PTO shaft off and then turning it on, the connection is automatically restored.

The twin buck option makes it possible to plant with two machines at the same time, thus doubling the capacity. The width of the row spacing is infinitely adjustable in width.