: MDE planting machine PM20 three row

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Planting small planting trees and shrubs is an enjoyable job with the MDE PM20 three row planter. If you want capacity during planting, instead of planting one or two rows, you can also plant three rows in one pass with an MDE PM20 three row. The PM20 three row has a frame with three MDE PM20 plantingmachines attached to it.

The plant width is adjustable; approximately 75 cm. up to 115 cm. The planting machines have an interchangeable planting channel from 7,5 to 20 cm. wide. 

Two infinitely height-adjustable pressure wheels are mounted on the front of the planting machine, and two height-adjustable ridging discs are located behind the planting channel. After that come two in height and width adjustable pressure wheels so that the soil is sufficiently pressed. There is fitted a comfortable suspension seat for the person on the plantingmachine. There are created dubbel two storage spaces, so that you can take plant material with you.

The MDE planting machine can be equipped with the following options:
Camera straight-row system;
- GPS;
Width marker;
- Wider adapter to plant a wider distance;
Hydraulic width adjustment of planting channels.