: MDE planting machine SPM100

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Planting machine SPM100 with a disk plant unit for trees up to one meter in length.

This machine consists of a frame containing a dismountable plant canal. In front of the machine are mounted two infinitely adjustable wheels to keep the machine at the correct height. For the plant canal is placed a cutting disk coulter which cuts through the soil and optionally root residues. A disc-wheel brings the tree from an ergonomic seat position automatically at the right place in the plant canal. This wheel turns exactly the right speed. Besides the plant-wheel are two adjustable disks that bring the soil back into the slot. After that are two in height and width adjustable rubber rollers so that the soil is tightly pressed. There is fitted a comfortable suspended seat. There are mounted two loading platforms so that you can take plant material with you.

- A mounting adapter by which several machines can work side by side so that one, two, three or four rows can be planted at the same time for even greater capacity.