: MDE planting machine PM20

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The MDE planting machine PM20 is the planting machine for smal plant materials. This planting machine has interchangeable planting channels from 7,5 to 20 cm wide. 

Two infinitely height-adjustable pressure wheels are mounted on the front of the planting machine, and two height-adjustable ridging discs are located behind the planting channel. Two height and width adjustable pressure wheels are mounted at the back. This ensures that the soil is properly cultivated for planting. The planting machine has a comfortable chair. The planting machine also has a storage tray on both sides on which plant material can be taken.

The MDE planting machine can be equipped with the following options:
- Camera straight-row system;
- GPS;
- Marker width.

The planting machine is available in a twin version so that two rows can be planted at the same time,  or also available as in a triple version so that three rows can be planted at the same time.