: MDE tree digging unit

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The MDE tree digging unit can be mounted on a tractor or machine. The MDE machine is distinguished by its robust yet compact construction. The shaker system is so performed that the tree is clamped just above the ground. This makes breakage or damage of the tree trunk practically excluded. The shake mechanism is developed entirely in-house and manufactured by ourselves. Therefore we are able to fabricate a structure according to our own specifications and quality. The whole machine is made so that its own weight is not too high, but that this is not to the detriment of the strength. The machine can be equipped with different sizes of u-blades: 40 - 100 cm, or if desired a grubbing spade.

The rear of the machine is equipped with an anchor spade with parallelogram which the machine saved against lateral slippage during work. Between the tractor and the machine is a hydraulic cylinder so that the machine can always be put level and allowing the machine during transport can be pulled towards to the tractor. The machine is by means mounted a fixed connection to the tractor, so it is very firmly attached to the tractor. This is necessary order to obtain an as large as possible shaking effect. The machine is fed by its own hydraulic system consisting of pump, filter and tank.