: MDE tree digger Globe 120

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Watch the video of digging with the MDE Globe
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Innovation and the best components combined into a MDE machine for maximum performance.
Proven quality of MDE, tree diggers with added value.

The MDE Globe is a special designed machine for digging trees with the best capacity and flexibility within the tree nursery. The Globe is by far the fastest in his class by km/h, but also in digging trees. Various features of the machine ensures that the operator of the machine experiences a great comfort.

Each MDE Globe has it own patented Blade-fix system, so a blade can be changed without tools in thirty seconds. The system ensures that the blade is clamped hydraulically to the machine, but can also be changed at lightning speed.

This options are possible for the MDE Globe:
- Camera;
- Cabin which is provided with:
     - Heating;
     - Windows with tinted safety glass;
     - Windscreen, which can be opened up, provided with a windscreen wiper;
     - Luxurious airsuspended seat with seat heating with adjustable armrests;
     - Integrated door handles;
     - Doors with gas springs
     - On the outside, the cabin is completely flat and has round corners to prevent tree damage.
- Canedrill: it is used to drill holes beside trees, where sticks can be inserted. The canedrill can be mounted on the Globe, as well as the controldesk. The canedrill can be operated from this control desk. The cane drill os electrical controlled by a PLC. By automatic control, the level sensor controls the PLC and with manual control, the driver himself controls the canedrill with a joystick.
- Blade holder: it is mounted at the back of the Globe, so two extra blades can be transported on the Globe.
Tree supportThis is an adjustable support which is mounted on the front of the Globe. When a tree has been digged, the trunk leans against the support and prevents the tree from falling over. 
- Wire basket support + box for burlaps: this is mounted on the back of the Globe, with which wire baskets and jute can be easily transported;
Towbar: mounted on the back of the Globe;
Radio; small and compact built-in radio with bluetooth.

The following types can be supplied:
Globe 100, a rootball diameter of 30 cm to 100 cm can be made.
Globe 120, a rootball diameter of 30 cm to 120 cm can be made.
Globe 140, a rootball diameter of 60 cm to 140 cm can be made.

By using a MDE Globe, we recommend the MDE transport trailer TK2x0.