: MDE trailed mistblowers

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This trailed mistblower sprayer is available in different tank sizes:
- 600 liter tank;
- 1000 liter tank;
- 1500 liter tank;
- 2000 liter tank;
- 3000 liter tank;

The trailed mistblower sprayer comes standard with:
- A galvanized frame that has been treated with an extra layer of lacquer;
- An integrated clean water tank with a capacity of 15 liters for washing hands;
- A water tank for flushing the system, cleaning facility;
- An axial fan with 2 gears + neutral and aluminum blades;
- Soft start device for switching on the fan;
- 3 cylinder diaphragm pump with high output and min. 50 Ato;
- Precision regulator for exact pressure regulation;
- A hydraulic stirring mechanism;
- Double reversible anti-drip nozzles;
- Wheels with adjustable axles;
- Equipped with a heavy-duty wide-angle PTO shaft.

The trailed mistblower sprayer can be equipped with the following options:
- A lighting set at the rear;
- Track-following axle with double wide-angle cardan shaft;
- Powerblower hood with quick release;
- Electric operation of valves and pressure regulation.