MDE Special Products

MDE special products is an experienced company within MDE machinebouw B.V.

In our machine factory we process raw materials / structures into quality products for our clients in, for example, the transport sector, dredging, soil, road and hydraulic engineering and the agricultural industry. MDE special products can also offer a combination of construction and machining, and if desired, MDE special products can provide the final product with a layer of lacquer. All these operations / treatments can be performed in-house at MDE special products. We have processed products hardened by reliable partners, after which we at MDE special products subsequently carry out the finishing / final inspection ourselves.

MDE special products can go beyond making and editing your product, we have the expertise to convert your wishes into an accurately made and usable 3D design. We can think along about material selection and machining strategies. If desired, strength calculations can be made.

In our well-equipped machine factory, we can:
- CNC turning everything between Ø6-600mm max. 2800mm length
- CNC milling / boring max. Machining length 3000mm
- Conventional boring max. Ø300
- Wind splines and gears
- Keyways and broaching
- Pulse welding, high tensile strength steel, difficult to weld materials
- Bend / counter work up to 100 tons

Our employees are professionals, each with a love for the profession. You can see that in the products supplied by us. With our wide production line and our skilled people, we guarantee quality products. This makes us an attractive and reliable partner for our clients.