: MDE dismantling machine PDM+

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Pallet dismantling machine PDM +

With the MDE PDM pallet dismantling machine, you can completely or partially dismantle defective pallets. The MDE pallet demounting machine PDM + is equipped with a hydraulic shelf puller.

Safety and durability are most important with this Pallet dismantling machine PDM: 
- With minimal effort, the employee can achieve maximum performance behind the pallet disassembly machine;
- The machine is built very stable, which allows years of use;
- The maintenance of this machine is minimal;
- The same applies to replacing the saw. You can replace the saw within a minute and clamp or remove the saw at the push of a button, just the right tension.

A saw filled with oil drives the saw. The saw wheels are equipped with bearings that are lubricated for life.

All possible dangerous places are covered with protective caps. The protective caps are designed so that the pallet disassembly machine cannot function when opened. The three emergency stops on the pallet dismantling machine guarantee that the machine stops immediately in the event of problems. The drive motor is equipped with a braking system. When the emergency stop is activated, the saw stops in a split second.

The pallet disassembly machine has a very stable table that is moved hydraulically up and down by means of a scissor construction. The pallet disassembly machine also has its own hydraulic unit that moves the table and clamps the saw. The front or back of the table is height adjustable with a foot pedal so that your hands are free.

The saw is driven by an electric motor (with very little noise) and runs on two saw wheels. These special wheels ensure that the saw runs smoothly and stably. The frame of the pallet disassembly machine is very stable. Two openings are mounted at the bottom so that the pallet disassembly machine can be moved quickly and safely with a forklift. The table is fully adjustable so that it is always level with the saw. You can set the pallet disassembly machine so that the machine is always straight.

The MDE PDM pallet dismantling machine can be equipped with the following options:
- roller conveyor.