: MDE bamboo cane drill STB32TR

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The MDE cane drill STB32TR is manufactured for attachment to your MDE Globe TR120. It is possible to make the holes for the (bamboo) sticks with this cane drill unit. The cane drill unit is equipped with a level sensor for automatic leveling. As a result, all holes are drilled in the same ratio. With the level sensor it is possible to change the setting so that the holes can be drilled in an angle. The cane drill unit is operated by means of a joystick. The right machine for a large capacity with minimal force and effort.

The drills are available in different sizes as described below:
Drill 25 mm.
Drill 30 mm.
Drill 35 mm.
Drill 40 mm.
Drill 45 mm.

MDE units that are possible on the MDE Globe TR120:
- MDE cane drill STB32TR;
- MDE tree digger unit;
- MDE mast HM7.