: MDE Rootball digger KB90

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Rootball digger assembled on swivelling hydraulic arm for mounting on a tractor et cetera. Through quick change paths can the rootball diggingmachine KB70 digging trees with root ball of 50, 60 and 70 cm. diameter. The rootball diggingmachine KB90 can digging trees with rootball of 70, 80 and 90 cm. diameter.

The MDE digging unit can get trees with root ball out of the ground in a very short time. There are mounted four spades in a compact but strong frame. These spades can be operated separately or all at the same time. If all spades are down then a sharp knife is running under the spades, which cuts through the roots under the tree. The spades are quickly interchangeable for different size spades.

The digging unit is mounted at a hydraulic arm. This hydraulic arm can move in all directions. The digging unit is in transport position very shortly be pulled behind the tractor. If he is in transport position, it remains within the transport width of the tractor. When the machine lift  the tree out of the ground, he can place it over the hole in the other row. He can also put the tree behind the tractor. The frame has two hydraulic operated outriggers so there is obtained extra stability. The right one is also hydraulically adjustable in width. For this machine is one hydraulic pressure oil connection and one return oil connection. The machine has an electric hydraulic control. In the (tractor)cabin is fitted a compartment with joysticks. The digging unit is operated by means this joystick.

- Spade sets for different diameters clod;
- A hydraulically operated clamp to hold the tree.